How to market your business

Surprisingly, the concept of having to market your business in order to win new customers is for some unfamiliar, especially in certain industries where companies have always relied on specialist equipment or word of mouth to bring in sales.

Marketing is largely misunderstood. With the rise of social media platforms and access to bulk email services many businesses believe ‘they do marketing’ simply because they have a LinkedIn profile, post to Facebook, and use MailChimp.

At the same time many new digital marketing agencies have sprung up offering marketing services, such as running a company’s LinkedIn page, Facebook page, and Email campaigns. The simplified nature of these services has diluted the true meaning of marketing, and what it means to position your business correctly in the markets you have identified and you wish to serve.

If you are looking to market your business then you must first define your product or service, and understand that your customers are not interested in what you do, they are interested in what you can do for them. There is a big difference.

If a company focuses on what they do, they will communicate only the features of their product or service. However, if a company focuses on what they can do for you, then they will communicate the benefits to the end user of using their product or service - and this is a much easier way to win customers. It comes down to your marketing strategy.

Strategy vs Services

When it comes to marketing your own business, you should focus on your strategy. If your focus is on what new types of software you can use, you will end up with an ineffective marketing campaign where each tool is running independently of each other. For a marketing campaign to be successful each digital tool or piece of software must work in coordination with another.

There should be a strategy in place for using each digital service. You should have defined what you want to achieve by using it, and at what stage of your customer journey it is applicable for. The digital tools you use should make up part of your overall marketing strategy and feed into your sales pipeline.

This may sound complicated, but it is not rocket science. Many businesses are put off from developing their own marketing campaign because they are unsure of where to start, what software or digital tools to use, and whether they have the in-house skills to achieve positive results. This leads to many businesses spending money on using digital marketing companies. Only to later become disappointed with a lack of results - but at a greater cost.

We provide a downloadable guide that gives you step-by-step instruction on how to apply the contents of the Resource Hub to get more customers at less cost.