How to write a marketing plan

Writing a marketing plan is often overlooked in favour of writing a business plan. However, this is big mistake, as it is your marketing plan which should provide the key details of how you will go about acquiring new customers and increasing market share.

Your marketing strategy should feature core marketing concepts such as your value proposition, an analysis of the market(s) you operate in, and details of how you will acquire new customers. It should also outline the details of your brand core values, and the core messaging of your content - which is how you present yourself to your target audience and what you want them to understand when they interact with any of your marketing communications.

Your marketing plan should also feature details of what digital tools and software you will use as part of your inbound marketing campaign. These digital tools and software will carry your message to your target audience across a variety of online and offline channels. If you are not yet using such software then you should read about the benefits of digital marketing.

Writing a marketing plan can be a complicated process as there are both marketing concepts to understand as well as an array of software. So we decided to create the Digital Marketing Toolkit which provides businesses with everything they need in order to successfully write their own marketing plan without the need to spending lots of money on using a digital marketing agency, which can be very costly.

The Digital Marketing Toolkit comes complete with software recommendations, how-to’s, a framework to build your marketing plan upon, a marketing plan workbook, tools, processes and in-depth knowledge and resources covering both strategy and services.

Using the toolkit to develop your marketing plan

To help businesses create effective marketing strategies we have created the Digital Marketing Toolkit.

The toolkit takes anyone looking to create a new marketing plan through the processes described above using a conceptual framework, full background knowledge and resources on every phase, a marketing plan workbook featuring every task and action that needs to be completed, and a spreadsheet toolbox that contains a variety of processes to help you generate more leads, win more customers, and make more money.

We provide a downloadable guide that gives you step-by-step instruction on how to apply the contents of the Resource Hub to get more customers at less cost.