Marketing agencies failing to produce results

Many business owners are suffering because they are tied into paying for expensive digital services by agencies who are not delivering on results.

A recent market survey by MediaSense shows a growing trend in brands looking to move away from using digital agencies and bring marketing function back in house. The report reveals a 12% increase in brands recognising that they need to build distinct skillsets within their organisations to build internal marketing teams.

This shift towards brands looking to take back control of their marketing has been as a result of businesses feeling they have lost control and are now at the mercy of those who are providing their digital services. Due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of digital marketing many business owners feel powerless to do anything about the situation. 

At the same time there are fears over transparency when working with media agencies, with the report saying,

“Fundamentally, agencies face an existential risk if they cannot offer complete disclosure to their clients, stamp out the brand safety risks, resolve the transparency issue and their own conflicts of interest. Moreover, if agencies want to be part of this data-driven world and retain trust and credibility among their clients, they must apply principles of transparency to their own businesses and to their business partners. As one interviewee puts it, “In a world of transparency, you are just better able to make the right decisions.” Media2020

A common situation is, a business’ yearly spend on digital services has gone up, but not in line with the amount of new inquiries they are getting. The business owner does not know whether these inquiries are coming as a result of the work the agency is doing, or purely through organic means due to providing an excellent service.  The business owners then become fearful of change, fearing that if they walk away then their agency partner then inquiries may cease.  All the while resenting the thousands of pounds being spent with no certainty or proof of results and their relationship with their service provider deteriorating.

It is never a good idea for any business to be reliant on, or fearful, of walking away from any third-party supplier.

It’s all about trust

The basis of all good relationships is trust, this is always begins with honesty. If you had a problem with your car you probably know what the symptoms are, but very few of us are capable of diagnosing the problem, let alone fixing it! The same is true of digital marketing agencies.

The New AIR for Agencies Report from Advertiser Perceptions finds that,

”48% of advertisers claim their agencies are not open and transparent on costs, while 34% say they are losing trust in their agencies as a result.”

A recent survey identified 27 common complaints companies identified when working with external digital agencies some of the most common are as follows:

  • ‘You don’t understand what we do’

  • ‘This is not what we asked for’

  • ‘I think you are charging us too much’

  • ‘Why are you taking so long‘

  • ‘We can’t tell if what you are doing is working’

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