Marketing strategies

No matter what type of business you run or what industry you are in, it is important to have a clear marketing strategy. Understanding marketing strategies helps you to define your target audience, and know how to acquire your ideal customers at less cost.

Where possible you should aim to have both an online and offline marketing strategy, it is usually not wise to completely focus on one and ignore the other. As you begin to develop a new inbound marketing strategy for your business you should first understand your current market position; your value proposition, the markets you currently serve, and who your target audience is. This is the investigative phase.

The second phase of developing a new marketing strategy is planning. During this phase you should define who your ideal customer is, your brand identity, how you are going to communicate with your target audience, and any online activities. Planning your new marketing strategy should not be rushed as it determines the direction that you are pointing your business towards - if you head off in the wrong direction then you will have wasted much time, energy and resources.

The third phase in developing an effective inbound marketing strategy is content creation. You should determine what content would best deliver your content and core messages to your target audience in a way that they would understand. You should use a variety of media including; written content, imagery, and video.

Knowing how your business will generate new leads is the fourth phase in developing a marketing strategy. There is a wide variety of online tools that should be combined to carry your core messages, and convert prospects into new leads and future customers. It is important to understand how all these different types of online services such as; email marketing, landing pages, crm software, and online advertising, work together to make up the digital marketing ecosystem.

The final phase in developing your marketing strategy is measuring how your marketing campaign is performing, understanding what metrics you should use to measure results, and then refining any processes based on the data you receive.

We provide a downloadable guide that gives you step-by-step instruction on how to apply the contents of the Resource Hub to get more customers at less cost.