What is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational Marketing is a one to one marketing approach that can be used to shorten the sales cycle, learn more about customers and allow for a more human buying experience, and it works alongside other lead generation methods such as email marketing and landing pages.

The concept behind conversational marketing is to make your interaction with prospects more personalised.  It is said that over recent years marketing approaches have become too data driven and that potential prospects have begun to be seen and treated as data, and not people.

This allows you to have a much more personal approach to your customer service and identify the exact needs of your website visitor.  Having the ability to chat in real-time to prospects who visit your website helps you build a relationship in the same way as having a shop front and having customers walk through the door to speak to someone on the front desk.

As companies and marketers have become too focused on efficiency and metrics, our marketing approach has become too cold, and this has had a negative experience on the end user, our potential customers.

Conversational Marketing helps to re-address the balance by enabling you to engage with customers and prospects on a personal level, in real-time.  This is done primarily through the use of chat-widgets which sit on your existing website.  There are a number of services that exist which allow you to add these chat-widgets to your website without the need for any coding.

When a visitor lands on your website they are presented with a small pop-up window with an automated greeting, either from a bot or from someone in your team.  If the visitor does not find the information they are looking for on your website, or require additional information they can ask you directly for help and receive an immediate response in real-time, without having to wait for support tickets and emails.

For larger organisations with multiple departments, the first interactions with website visitors can be automated. This helps to filter the website visitor down the most useful channel for their requirements.   They are then instantly connected to a real person in that department, or if desired, scheduled for a call. 

During this process, you can also automate requests for contact details such as the email address of the visitor, which is then instantly fed into your CRM and Email Marketing platforms for re-targeting at a later date if they have been integrated.

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