Defining Key Performance Indicators

For your CRM to have a positive contribution to your business two factors must be present:

It is important to measure your sales if you want to develop and refine your sales processes and increase your levels of customer satisfaction.  It is vital then that you understand what key performance indicators are, and what you should be measuring for future success

KPI's are data-points that can be used to measure the performance of an individual, a team, or the company as a whole. Useful KPI's that you could measure include:

Sales Growth

The growth rate of your sales based on turnover, given over a set period of time.

Sales Target

This key performance indicator is set against specific business objectives such as; selling x number of units or creating x number of new customer accounts.


Your sales pipeline is the lifeblood of your business.  If your pipeline runs dry then your business may die. Measuring what opportunities are in the pipeline helps to forecast potential future revenue, and as a result what you need to focus your attention on.

Product Performance

It is important for businesses with multiple revenue streams to track each revenue line.  This can help identify areas of need, and areas of wastage in your marketing efforts.

Lead Conversion Rate

Measuring the success of converting new leads to actual sales is another key performance indicator (KPI) vital to your sales pipeline and future forecasting of your business growth.  It is essential to measure the success of converting your leads in order to identify any weak points in your sales and marketing strategy.


Quote-to-close metrics are excellent for providing insight into the effectiveness of your sales team and processes, and the quality of leads being generated.


A list of other useful reports may include the following:



Activity Report

List the records updated for a period (today, this week, this month)

Monthly Sales Forecast

Projected sales by month

Current Sales Pipeline

Status of all accounts that are in the sales pipeline by stage and value

Active Account

Prospects who have had contact but are not yet customers or declined to purchase

Customers Report

List of all current customers

Bids Lost

Show lost bids

Sales by Account

Show which rep or user is responsible for each account

Task List

Show outstanding tasks yet to be completed for each user

Leads by Source

Show all new leads organised by their source; e.g. LinkedIn, Ads, Google, Organic

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