Educating & Training Staff

Lack of training is the number one reason CRM implementation fails in SME's. Training your users how to use your new CRM will be fundamental to its success. Of the 70% of CRM implementations that fail, most are due to non-participation from employees.  

CRM training should begin with getting all staff and users to buy-in to the concept, vision, and reasons behind implementing the new system.  

Managed correctly, a CRM has the power to instantly transform your business, just through increasing efficiency alone.  But this type of impact can only be achieved if all parties are pulling in the same direction.

We suggest that training should be given on a one to one basis, ensuring that each user fully understands the processes they are required to undertake, and how the system will benefit them personally, as well as the business as a whole.  If they know that the CRM will make their life easier they will be more inclined to fully engage with it.

Although this type of training will require a greater investment of time, it will produce a much greater return on investment in the long-term.      


Benefits of giving proper one to one training

Greater user understanding and compliance

An employees understanding of the benefits of using a CRM and a knowledge of how to do so properly will increase employee productivity and CRM usage.

Increased efficiency

The purpose behind implementing a new CRM is to increase efficiency and make your sales and marketing processes run more smoothly.  This increase in efficiency will be evident across Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service and will have a positive effect on your business' bottom line.

Better ROI

Better usage of your CRM leads to a better return on your investment.  As mentioned, user compliance and employee training is key to this.

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