Identifying Key Customer Information

By this stage you may have already identified and installed your new CRM.

Out-of-the-box your CRM will come with a default set of data entry fields, useful for collecting information about your customers and organising data. These data entry fields will be completed by your CRM users whenever they use the system and have interaction with your customers and prospects.

The data gathered on your customers and prospects will then be used to run marketing and sales reports. The more personalised this data is to your customers, the more beneficial it will be to your business.

Identifying what customer information is most useful to you will play an important part in both the structure of your CRM and the type of data you capture from lead generation sources such as your website and landing pages.

Using the example of a gas energy supplier, for instance, you may need to know what kind of property a customer lives in.

The company may need a 'Drop-down field' labelled 'Property Type, which gives the options of '', 'House,' `Bungalow,`High-rise flat`, etc. This is useful because the company may wish to run a specific marketing campaign based on all their customers that live in High-rise flats for example. 

Another example is, they may have a field called, 'Gas Certificate expiry'.  This would enable the company to pull off a report of all customers who are due to be requiring a new gas inspection within the next 30 days, allowing for a more targeted marketing campaign.

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