Buyer Persona’s

A Buyer Persona is a detailed semi-fictional representation of who buys your product or service.  In the previous section “Your Ideal Customer, you will have profiled your ideal customer based on real information on who your existing customers are. 

Creating buyer personas will allow you to refine your marketing and connect more with your target audience to meet their needs and solve their pains and problems. During this process of developing your buyer persona, we will add further detail to our ideal customers by thinking about their demographics, motivations for buying, and their thinking process including specific attitudes and concerns.

According to Mark W. Shaefer, three to four buyer personas usually account for 90% of a company’s sales. With this in mind, you should create 3 - 4 buyer personas.

Persona Pains

When creating buyer persona’s, it is very important to base the persona on pain points, rather than roles. Pain points are the specific problems that your potential customers are experiencing and can be as diverse and varied as each potential customer.  For example, in a business where you sell to a manufacturing company, do not base your persona’s on existing roles within that business e.g.

  • Managing Director

  • Office Manager

  • Engineer

But instead, create your persona’s around the pain that each potential customer may have. 

  •   Unreliable supplier                                             

  •   Low-quality materials

  •   Issues relating to the distribution of finished goods

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