Customer Acquisition Tools

There are a wide range of customer acquisition tools to use, many of these are associated with traditional marketing such as press and journal advertising, public relations, conferences and exhibitions. 

However, here we will focus on low cost, effective tools that exist within the digital marketing ecosystem.  These tools when combined have the power to produce an extremely high return on investment.


A good website will reinforce your brand, generate leads, and support your customers purchasing decisions. Your website should tell prospects what your value proposition is - it should sell for you and should sell what you do for the customer i.e. the benefits that you provide for them, and not what you do as an organisation.


Video content is 65% more effective than text in generating enquiries than any written promotional material. A short video promoting the features of your service and the benefits to customers is the most effective way of quickly engaging with your market.


Search Engine Marketing is about increasing visibility in search engines so when buyers search for terms that relate to your business your listing appears. Most purchases are made from the first page of the search results. You can improve your ranking by including important search terms and phrases known as keywords within your content.  You can also improve your search engine ranking position by getting other important sites to link to yours as part of a link building strategy - this is an important aspect of seo.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising includes banner advertisements placed on websites, sponsored content on social networks, and paid rankings listed on search engines.  You can generate new leads by promoting a webinar, a product demonstration, a special offer, or just to create awareness of your product or service.

Social Marketing

Social Marketing is a quick and low-cost means of connecting with decision makers in your market.  Social Media is used to build brand awareness, generate leads, undertake market research, launch promotions, link build, and join networks and dedicated market sector groups. 

Email Marketing

Email Marketing can be used to develop leads, obtain prospects, and generate sales. Contact data lists can be purchased using set criteria as defined by your ideal customer profile.

Telephone Marketing

Telephone marketing can be used to qualify leads with an objective to explore mutual interests.  It is much easier for salespeople to qualify interest or inquiries than plain cold calling. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management software stores contact and account information, leads, sales representative activity, purchase history, pipeline information, and marketing campaign information. This data can be used to track progress, enable customer follow up, and much more.

If you have previously covered the “Product and Service Analysis”, and “Marketing Analysis” topics you will have gathered all the necessary information required to begin to lay a strong foundation to build your digital marketing plan upon.  You should have defined exactly what you do and what makes your business different from the competition, identified the best and highest-growing markets to sell into, and identified the type of customers that will bring you maximum profits.   

Do you want more sales and new customers?