Subject Headers & Preview Text

Subject Headers

Crafting a good subject header is vital to delivering a successful email marketing campaign.  

Your Subject Header is the first thing your recipient will see when your email arrives in their inbox.  48% of people will have decided whether to open up an email based solely on the subject header, without even looking at who it's from or what the preview text says.

Humans by nature tend to act and react upon emotion.  The psychology around crafting a good subject header is to create an emotional response within the recipient. 

Boring subject headers will just get deleted, but if you can make the recipient feel something inside by tweaking their emotions then your open rates will always be higher than the average.

Studies have shown that these are the best angles to build emails around:

Approaches For Emails




Fear of Missing Out

Create a sense of urgency

"[TODAY ONLY] Get this NOW before it's gone..."


Create an itch that has to be scratched

"Is this the hottest career in marketing?"


Special offers, discounts, freebies

"25% off your favourite..."


Tap into peoples natural instinct to seek shortcuts

"Grow your business 10x faster with these 20 unbeatable sales tips"

Pain Points

Speak directly to the pain of your buyer personas

"Stop wasting time with sales strategies that don't work"


Retarget people who drop out of your sales funnel

"We're not going to give up on you! Here's 10% off!"


Use your subscribers' name or use casual language

"John, I thought you'd be interested in this!"


Tell them exactly what the email is

"[Company Name] New products catalogue - August 2018"

Preview Text

Your preview text is the second great opportunity to convince the recipient to open your email.  

Your preview text should complement and support what you have written for your Subject Header, and for this reason, it should be given just as much thought.  When crafting your preview text you should expand on your Subject Header, but make the content sound enticing. Use strong action-orientated words that sum up the core message of your email.


Take a look at some more great examples of how these different brands have used strong action-orientated words in their preview text to get prospects to open up their emails.

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