Subscriber Lists

One important feature of Email Marketing Software is the ability to organise your subscribers (contacts) into Lists. A good way to use Lists is to group subscribers according to their customer journey stage.  You can then set up different campaigns relating to the stage your prospects are at.  

For instance, if you have just bought a new contact database, but no-one on the list has currently heard of you or from you before, you could put everyone into an Awareness list.  You can then build an email campaign that links to content as defined in your Content Ideas table for this Awareness stage.  This email may contain an excerpt of an article that is hosted on your website with a link for recipients to follow. Anyone that engages with this email and clicks through to the article on your website can then be moved into a new list called, Research, because they have shown interest in what you have to say and now have some knowledge about who you are.

When it is time to send out a new email run, you can then run two campaigns; one sent to the contacts in your Awareness list who never engaged with their initial email and a second to contacts in your Research list who did.  This second email would be based on the content defined in your Content Ideas table for the Research stage of a prospects customer journey and would provide more relevant information for their needs.  

Another example for using lists is to organise your subscribers according to their market segments.  By doing this you can easily send specifically targeted emails to certain customer groups.  You may do this for subscribers who are already customers.  This provides a great advantage for creating industry-specific emails such as a targeted campaign offering a 10% discount for any companies working within the engineering or manufacturing sectors for example.

Other ideas for organising your subscribers include grouping them according to the product or service they're interested in.  This would apply if you have a number of revenue streams - it is wise not to bombard current customers with offers for products or services they would have no interest in.

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