Define Your Offer

As mentioned previously, each landing page that you create will serve a unique purpose, designed for a particular type of buyer at a specific stage of their customer journey.  Moving them from one stage in their customer journey to the next.

Whether you want someone to download an eBook to capture contact details, sign up for a free trial, receive a discount code, or simply purchase your product or service outright, the offer on your landing page should be defined as a result of planning your customer journey and knowing what your value proposition is.

In taking ourselves as an example and a prospect named, Jane.  She is currently at the Evaluation stage of her customer journey.  This means Jane is reading around various articles and blogs doing her research into whether the Digital Marketing Toolkit is right for her.  She is evaluating our service with alternative options available to her.  She's currently feeling uncertain that she would have the time to do it herself.

Our goal at this point is not to sell the Digital Marketing Toolkit to Jane, but to move her to the next stage of her customer journey - in Jane's case, this would be Engagement.  

Our aim is to get Jane to see for herself what the Digital Marketing Toolkit could do for her business, and how simple it is to use with just a small regular time commitment.

We do this writing blogs and articles aimed at  Jane while she is at the Evaluation stage.  At the bottom of these blogs and articles we use a call-to-action saying, "Sign up for free and see for yourself the difference the digital Marketing Toolkit can make in just 1 month". 

Buyer Persona



Core Message

Content Topic

Content Type




She's uncertain she would have the time to do the toolkit herself

The toolkit is so easy to use you can do a little bit each day and get tangible results

"How I completely transformed my business using the toolkit in under 3 months"

Case Study

Sign up for free and see the difference the toolkit makes in just 1 month.

Our landing page then provides the stepping stone for Jane from reading about the Digital Marketing Toolkit during her Evaluation stage, to Jane using the toolkit - moving her from the Evaluating stage to the Engagement stage.

Below is a list of the different types of offers you could use to entice your landing page visitors to engage with your content.  

You may have already decided to produce some of the following as part of your content creation strategy, it is now worth thinking about how much value they offer to your prospects.  Prospects will be willing to give you their contact details in exchange for downloading high-value content. 

Once you have obtained prospects' contact details you can re-market to them at a later date.




Free Product / Service Trial



How-to Guide

Email Updates

Industry Report

Video Series Subscription

Industry White Paper

Discount Vouchers

Industry Trends / Insights

To effectively build and use Landing Pages as part of your overall inbound marketing campaign you need to first review what high-value content you have produced and in what circumstances you can use it to leverage contact details from your target audience..  

You will offer this high-value content to prospects on your individual landing pages.  You can use the table above as a guide, and see what high-value content you might have that would be most beneficial to your prospects, and at what stages throughout their customer journey you could offer it to them.

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