Technical Setup

To coincide with retaining your brand throughout your landing page, you will need to make sure you are using a custom domain name.  A domain name is the name of your website. You should apply a custom domain as you set up the technical aspects of your landing page.

A standard domain name as provided by your Landing Page Service Provider will look something like this:

As you can see in the example above the full domain also has the name of the Landing Page service provider included, in the example above this is InstaPage.  Any prospect visiting that landing page could get confused as to why the domain is referencing another company, namely  This confusion could easily create mistrust and reduces the likelihood of the prospect purchasing from you, or otherwise engaging with your high-value content.

Using a custom domain feature allows you to use your own domain or sub-domain, without including the name of the landing page service provider.  This ensures the prospect does not lose trust in knowing that your offer is authentic and from a reputable and recognisable company.

Examples of domain types are listed below.


Landing Page Service Provider Domain

Custom Domain

Custom Sub-Domain

Custom Sub-Directory

Having your newly created landing page redirected from your Landing Page Service Provider to your own custom domain can be quite a technical process.  We highly recommend speaking to either your current I.T support or your web hosting company and asking them to do this for you. 

The process involves altering DNS records on your server.  Web hosting companies will normally do this for you free of charge if you explain what you are wanting to do.

If you do speak to technical support or your web hosting company you should say, "I wish to redirect my landing page from a 3rd party service provider to my own custom domain, could you please do this for me?".  It is likely they will ask you what Landing Page Service Provider you have used, and they will then do the rest. A good service provider will be able to take care of this level of support for you

Integrate 3rd Party Software

As discussed at the end of the CRM topic, many online software services integrate with each other to create a seamless and automated workflow, such as passing contact data from completed sign up forms from Landing Pages to CRM or Email software.  

Whichever Landing Page software you have gone with will have their own support materials on how to do this.  The majority of the time it as a simple process that just involves selecting the name of your 3rd Party Software and following the on-screen login process.  

Your Landing Page Service provider will have sufficient support on this should you have any difficulties.

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