What is a Landing Page?

Landing Pages are designed to capture visitor' details, they often come directly after a call-to-action from elsewhere and act as a stepping stone to engaging with the prospect. This article will provide an example of how a company would use a landing page effectively.

Example of using a Landing Page

A video marketing company has planned out their customer journey and recognises that people who are looking to create a video for the first time are a major segment of their target audience.

This video marketing company knows that for the majority of people producing a video is too difficult a task.  So they build a campaign around targeting this audience.

To do this the video marketing company writes a series of blogs or articles on "Creating videos for beginners".  At this stage the video marketing company knows that it can not go straight in for the sale because it is too early, the prospect is still going along with the idea of doing it themselves.

The best option for the video marketing company is to try and capture the prospects contact details so they can follow up with them at a later date to see how they are getting along.  If by this point the prospect has tried and failed, at doing it themselves they will be more open to bringing in outside help.

The video marketing company releases a series of "Top 20 Beginner Tips for Creating Videos", with each having the same call-to-action at the end.  The call-to-action at this stage wants to be something valuable to them that entices the reader to click.  For example, this call-to-action could read something like, "Click to get your FREE eBook on all you need to know about producing videos for the first time".

The prospect would click the call-to-action at the end of the 'Top 20 Beginner Tips' article and would be instantly be taken to a Landing Page.

This landing page is a specifically built single page website that sells the benefits of downloading the eBook which is called, "Making Videos - All You Need To Know From Beginning To End".

The objective of this page is to entice the prospect to give over their contact details in exchange for downloading the eBook.

The video marketing company knows they are a potential new customer, but also knows it is still too early to try and close a sale.  When it comes to their customer journey stage they are likely to be in the research stage, they are aware they have a problem and are researching ways to overcome it.  

The aim of the video marketing company is to capture the prospect contact details for remarketing purposes at a later date once the prospect is further along in their customer journey.

From experience, the video marketing company knows that it will be a couple of months before the prospect is ripe for a purchase.  By obtaining the prospects contact details the video marketing company can send useful, regular updates on helping the prospect. And in doing so, they build up a relationship with them and a level of trust.

Then, when the time is right and the prospect has decided to outsource the production of the video they set out to create, they will purchase from the company who they trust and already have a relationship with.


Without the landing page, it would have been impossible to capture the prospects contact details and the prospect would have been lost as soon as they left their website.

Many businesses do not convert enough of their website traffic to sales because they fail to make contact and engage with visitors who are interested in their product or service.

It is good then for a business to have many landing pages, all created for a specific purpose.  These landing pages provide a stepping stone to move your prospects from one stage in their customer journey to the next.

Landing pages may follow on, from a weblink, emails, social marketing posts, articles, blogs, paid advertising or anywhere else your prospects are hiding! 

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