Know Your Audience

It is important to speak the same language as your audience.

Hopefully you have, by this stage, fully mapped out your customer journey, profiled your buyer persona's including their demographics, and defined your brand personality. During this same process, you will have also defined the tone of voice that written communications will be styled in. 

When you write your content it should be written in this style and targeted at a specific persona which you previously created.  Your persona will likely belong to one of the following audience types in the table below.

Any content you produce will be done by looking at the buyer pain and then writing it in a tone and style that matches your brand personality and appeals to your buyer persona. 

The content and language used can then be modified slightly as shown in the guidance notes below to make sure that it is correctly styled for the audience type your buyer persona belongs to, for example keeping it short and brief if the audience type are executives or using simple language with no jargon if the audience is new to the market, whilst still keeping the tone and style of your brands' personality. 




Keep the content short and benefit orientated. Don't waffle and use words for the sake of using words. Keep the content focused and concise.


Provide key details in the content and then provide links to further information i.e. video, landing page, website, where you can provide more long-form content with deeper explanations.


Create an emotional response in the reader, keep it engaging and inspiring. Use imagery.  Write content that tells a story with a clear beginning, middle, and end.

New to market

Keep the language simple, don't use jargon. Rather than providing too much information all at once, which can be overwhelming, keep articles short and provide in-text links to additional information for further reading where necessary.  Focus on the benefits to them of using your product or service and not on the features.

Now you are aware of who your written content is to be aimed at, and in what ways it needs to appeal, you can now start to look to developing content for your audience type. 

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