Competitor Research

This article is about getting you to understand what makes good content, and what other people in your space are doing.  You do not need to actually write or produce any content at this stage but rather begin to think about what types of content you often see shared on social media.

Remember, the key to an effective social media campaign is to provide engaging content that your audience will find interesting. You need to ask yourself, would you want to read, and be interested in what you are posting?  If not, then the chances are neither would your target audience

Below is a list of written and visual content types.  These will be covered in more detail in the next topic, Producing Content, for now however, take a look at the list and begin thinking of how they could apply to your business and future social media posts.

Styles of Content




Whiteboard Presentation

Buyers Guides

Before & After Examples

How to Guides

Product or Service Descriptions

List Based Content

Talking Slides

Best Practice Guides

Animated Explainers

Product Reviews

Headshot / Interview styles

Best of Lists

Talking FAQ’s

Case Studies

How to Guide

Common Mistakes With…

Screen Captures

Frequently Asked Questions




Thought Leadership


Before you begin producing actual content we want to expand our awareness of what types of content exist and what works well.   

The key to any successful social media profile is the content that it delivers. Informative, interesting content keeps people engaged, and as a result of social sharing leads to greater brand exposure. 

 It is always good to understand what your competitors are doing and what is working well.  This then gives you the opportunity to build, take what is good and build upon it.

Do you want more sales and new customers?