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Special Interest Groups

One aspect of social marketing that many companies are unaware of is the power of special interest groups.  

What started out with the simple hashtag in Twitter, which allowed users to find specific content related to their own interests, has given birth to a vast plethora of special interest groups on a variety of different social media networks. 

These special interest groups can often harbor hundreds of thousands of members, and tens of potential new leads, with Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, and Reddit at the forefront of these groups.  The power of utilising these special interest groups as part of your social media campaign cannot be underestimated.

Even platforms you wouldn't immediately associate with anything but retail & tourism such as Instagram and Pinterest can have a surprising amount of content, even for an industry as dry as Sheet Metal Fabrication!

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Effective Content

By now you should have a better understanding of what makes a good social media profile and the types of content that are proving to be effective for your competitors.  In the next topic, we will begin planning and producing content that you will use to build brand awareness, generate and nurture leads, and gain more customers.

As we have discussed earlier in this section, it is not a good strategy to solely post content that is sales-focused.  Remember, that social media users primarily use the platform for entertainment purposes so if the content you are posting is always about you and what you offer, they will soon turn off.

The key is to vary your social media updates up using interesting, informative, and fun content, mixing this with your own targeted content that delivers your core messaging. For now it would be a good idea to think about your target audience and the types of content they are engaging with.

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