Resources & Planning

Running a social media campaign is not a one-time thing where you post a few articles or blogs one week and then leave it at that.  The root of a good social media campaign is longevity and consistency.

For that reason, it is important to plan what topics and types of content you will produce over the whole (or most) of the campaign, and how much time you can afford to invest into it to ensure the work gets completed.  Much of this depends on if you have a single person working on your social media campaign or multiple people.

The process of how to create content, and on what topics to write about will be looked at in Producing Content.  But for now, it is enough to begin considering what your available resources are when it comes to producing content and how much time you can afford to put into researching, writing, and producing good content.

Often the time you spend researching will be just as valuable as the time you spend producing as you will discover great articles, posts, and video content created by other people that you can share with your audience.  And this is just as valuable as producing your own content.


Below is a guideline to the minimum time investment for each type of content depending on the size of your business and internal resources at hand.

Below is a list of outputs for your social marketing campaign, and a guideline for how often you should produce one of these outputs depending on the size of your business.  For example, a small business should look to publish 1 new blog post or article per month, and a video every 3 months.  Whereas a large company should be publishing articles and videos on a weekly basis.





Blog / Article (300 - 500 words)

1x Month

2x Month

2x Week

Social Media Posts

Few times per week

Each channel per day

Several times per day

Producing Video

Every 3 months



Responding to comments

Twice per week

Once per day

Several times per day

Time Investment per week

Below is a guideline on the typical amount of time it takes to produce the outputs described above split into the activities it takes to produce the output.  

So for a small company to produce 1 article per month, they should spend 30 mins per week researching, 1 hour per week writing.  This equates to about 6 1/2 hours over the course of a month to produce a well-written blog post or article. 

A video is a much lengthier process and you can expect to take 12 hours to produce a short video.  This includes time to write and learn a script, and shoot, edit and publish the video.   This would equate to one morning per week spent on the activity 'produce a video'.

Activity Estimated Time To Complete
Researching content 2 hours
Writing / Designing content 4 hours
Posting / Sharing content 1 hour
Producing Video content 12 hours


Tasks & Responsibilities

Once you have worked out how much time can be spent on each activity it is a good idea to assign roles and responsibilities to people to ensure tasks get completed.

For instance.  If you wish to write and publish one article per month to LinkedIn this may take 2 hours researching content,  4 hours writing copy, and then some time logging in to each social media channel and posting to special interest groups.

Depending on whether you are working alone or within a team to do this you may decide to split the responsibilities of researching, writing, and posting. 

If you are working alone then you may decide to split the activities up into separate days.

Below is an example of how you can break down the tasks and responsibilities needed to produce good content on a regular consistent basis. 




Time Allocated

Day / Time

Research topics and content

LinkedIn Article


2 hrs

Thursday Morning

Write copy

LinkedIn Article


4 hrs

Friday Morning

Proofread and editing

LinkedIn Article


1 hr

Friday Afternoon

Post to groups and channels

LinkedIn Article / Social Media Posts


30 mins

Monday Morning

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