Importance of Video

Video is proven to be 65% more effective than text in sales conversions as it influences a deeper part of the buyers' psychology than text alone.

When your audience can clearly see that what you’re offering is different from your competitors, it’s much easier for you to convince them to engage with you.

Branding and messaging are key ingredients in communicating what makes your business special. Your customers may not remember facts and figures, but will always remember how you made them feel.  This is because visual imagery creates a deeper emotional response within the viewer.

Video then is a great vehicle to deliver your core message as it allows you to better communicate with your audience the full character, values, and personality of your brand.

It is always worth doing some competitor research and looking at what other people in your field or industry are doing. This will give you a sense of what works and what doesn't and will help you come up with creative ideas. 

Do you want more sales and new customers?