Required Equipment

Before you can begin shooting your video, you need to ensure that you have all the equipment needed, You do not need much equipment, and it does not have to be expensive.

To shoot a good range of marketing videos you will need:

  • Camera

  • Tripod

  • Lights

  • Microphone

  • Editing Software

  • Green Screen (optional)



Many Smartphones today have built-in cameras that are good enough to shoot marketing promo videos.  This is especially true for higher-end Apple, Samsung, and Sony mobiles.  

There are a couple of drawbacks however.  

Smartphones typically have a lower dynamic range which affects the quality of your footage compared to a normal camera.  

The battery of a mobile will be drained quickly when shooting a video for a longer period of time.

Although the image resolution of smartphones can be very high, they struggle with having a low-quality digital zoom.



Mid-range DSLR cameras, such as the Nikon D3400 or the Canon EOS 400D are ideal for shooting marketing promo videos as they are relatively low-cost and you get a lot for your money.

DSLR cameras offer manual control over shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. This is advantageous because if the camera you are using has only fully automatic controls then its settings cant be adjusted to suit the lighting and conditions of the environment you are shooting in

In addition to this, they offer; basic sound control, shallow depth of field for more creative shots, and interchangeable lenses.  Which all allow for more creative freedom and in turn more professional looking videos.


Compact System / Bridge Camera

These type of cameras are smaller and lighter than DSLR's and newer models also have interchangeable lenses.  

However, they are more limited in manual sound control, and frame rate options.  Also, when it comes to shooting video, bit-rates and compression options vary, and few offer support for an external mic.

This makes them a less favourable choice for shooting marketing videos.



Web Microphone

These pencil-like microphones are effectively a low-cost version of an omni-directional studio microphone.  They have a short pick-up range and may not have the required sound quality needed for producing a good quality marketing videos.


Shotgun Microphone

A shotgun microphone is designed for picking up sound in one direction.  Because of this, they are very good for recording interviews and conversations where you want the sound to come across clearly in a noisy environment.


Lavalier Microphone

A lavalier microphone is an omnidirectional mic with a short pick-up range, and typically clips onto the subjects' clothing.  The advantage of lavalier mics is they can get close to the mouth of the subject to pick up audio dialogue without being overly obtrusive.


There are two main types of light; natural and artificial.  Natural light can be powerful and effective, however, natural light changes throughout the day and according to each environment.  

Shooting a couple of minutes worth of interview-style footage can soon run into several hours work due to the often lengthily process of shooting a video.   If natural light has been used to light the subject this can result in the lighting environment changing over the course of the day. As a result, the final cut can look disjointed and unprofessional.

Therefore artificial lights can be used to keep lighting consistent and help your video to look more professional.

There are 3 types of lighting that can be used:

Low Power Fluorescent
Fluorescents provide a lovely soft even light. They offer higher output than LED panels and can be larger in size, although LED panels can, of course, be tilted. Fluorescents are also very cost effective.


  • Low power requirement

  • Low cost

  • Long lamp life

  • Capable of soft even lighting over a large area

  • Lightweight


Tungsten lighting is usually used to light interiors as it matches the warm light associated with domestic incandescent lighting.


  • Near perfect colour rendition

  • Low cost

  • Dimmable

  • Longer life than a conventional incandescent


LED Lights
LED’s are also a permanent addition to the lighting department. For space restricted setups and the sheer portability that battery power affords these lights have become indispensable.


  • Soft, even lighting

  • Can be battery powered

  • Dimmable

  • Long lifespan


Other Equipment

Unless you are purposely going for a 'handheld' styled video you should always use a tripod.  Do not attempt to film a marketing video whilst trying to hold the camera still as 'camera shake' will be unavoidable and it will make your video look unprofessional.

Tripods are typically quite low-cost, with the exception of those that feature a built-in slider used for filming panning shots (which can be bought separately).


Green Screen
Green screens are a very useful, low-cost tool.  They are used alongside editing software featuring Chroma Key effects (discussed later) to produce artificial or superimposed backgrounds behind your subject.

Green screens allow you to add branding elements; such as logo's, featured text, graphics, and animations into your video to achieve a more professional look.

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